Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sad Face

Remember when the Architect and I sent out our beautiful save-the-dates? We put so much work into those babies, and we were so excited for all of our guests to receive them in the mail. Well, a week went by, and we started hearing from some of our guests that they had received the STD postcards in the mail, and they LOVED them. Yay! BUT... we also heard from some of our other wedding guests that the cards still hadn't arrived. Boo.

So, we chalked it up to the holiday mail rush, and we waited another week. And still, a whole pile of our guests hadn't received their cards. Sad face. I was so upset, since we had put so much work into our STDs... AND the Architect had hand-addressed each and every one. But most importantly, we were really worried about our wedding guests out there who we don't speak to on a regular basis... those people who would need to receive the STD card to know about our wedding plans, since we hadn't blabbed about the wedding to them already for hours on end.

After two weeks of waiting we decided to send out an email. Sigh. The text of the email went something like this:

Dear Family & Friends,

A couple of weeks ago we sent a save-the-date card for our wedding in the mail to all of you. While we are excited to hear that most of you have received it in the mail, we are sad to hear that some of you have not. We are sending the card along as an attachment to this email, so that those of you who did not receive it in the mail can see it now. Please visit our wedding website to learn more about our July (xx) wedding in Northeast Harbor Maine:
http://www.xxxxxxxxxxx.com/wedding (not our real website, clearly)
Also, if you did not receive a save-the-date card in the mail, please send us your current address, in case we have it wrong in our files.

Thank you, and we're looking forward to seeing you all in July!

-P. and E.
After we sent out this email, we were at least sure that all of our guests had received a version of our STD. And lo and behold, a number of additional guest fell out of the woodwork who also hadn't received their postcards in the mail. Most interestingly, of two of the Architect's cousins who share ownership of a 2-family house in New York, only one had received the card. That's right -- upstairs apartment got the card. Downstairs didn't. In the same house!! Ummm... how on Earth does that happen, United States Postal Service???

Our best guess right now is that an entire bag of mail just fell off the back of the mail truck. And BTW, we are now going on a month since we sent out our STDs, and none of the missing ones have reappeared in the meantime. The missing STDs have literally fallen into the black hole that is the mail :-(

Did any of you have any frustrating experiences with mailing out your STDs or invitations?

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