Monday, November 30, 2009

Do You Skype??

As I've alluded to before... the Architect and I moved from our home in New England all the way across the country to California this past summer. This now officially means that we are planning a serious long distance wedding. From our new home in the San Francisco Bay Area, Bar Harbor is a 6-hour flight (to Boston) and then a 5-hour drive up to Maine. Luckily we got a lot of the heavy lifting part of wedding planning done while we were still living in New England (choosing a venue, florist, wedding music, my dress, etc.), but now we are faced with the problem of doing pretty much everything else with one hand tied behind our backs. Everything and everyone related to our wedding is back on the east coast, and we are way out here on the west coast.

My bridesmaids are no exception. While my sister (and lovely MOH) is conveniently living out in California, the rest of my bridal party is back east. I definitely miss my girls. It has been difficult to keep in touch across 3,000 miles of country and 3 hours of time difference, so this past weekend we decided to have a group Skype session so that I could catch them all up on what's been going on with wedding planning. I don't know if you all have ever used Skype before, but the program is ingenious! It's really easy to make free phone calls from your computer to another friend's computer, and the sound quality is crystal clear. It also has a great video-chat feature, as long as your computer has a webcam. The architect and I tested out the video feature a couple of weeks ago, and it was like we were in the same room with each other. I can only imagine how great this is for people in long distance relationships, since actually seeing the person you're talking to is so much more satisfying than just hearing their voice.

Unfortunately Skype's video feature doesn't work for group chats, but my girls and I still managed to have a great (audio only) conversation, and I caught them up on all of the wedding happenings of the last couple of months. This was also a great time for us to talk about dresses, and I think we may have come to a consensus (which doesn't involve orange). I'll tell you more about that soon...

So... do you Skype too? Have you turned to technology for keeping in touch with your wedding party? Since our Sype telecon worked out so well, I think we're going to make them a regular occurrence as the actual wedding date draws nearer. Oh, and BTW, we are now less than 8 months away from our wedding date. Wheee!!!

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