Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Venue Saga Concluded

Ok internet. It is time to reveal the final choice for our wedding venue. And the winner is... dun dun du-dun:

The Asticou Inn!

Yes, this beautiful wedding venue definitely turned out to be one of the splurges in our wedding budget... but in this case, easy won out over cheap. Because we went with the Asticou, we now have at our disposal one very talented event planner named Tom who will make sure everything on our wedding day goes over without a hitch. He is responsible for pulling off beautiful weddings like this:

and this:

and this:

Our wedding ceremony will take place in that beautiful garden that I showed you before. Here's what it looked like on the day that we visited the Inn:

The view of the garden and Northeast Harbor -- photo by the Architect

We will then have our cocktail hour up on the back deck of the Inn, overlooking Northeast Harbor.

The back deck of the Asticou all set up for a wedding

Finally, for dinner and dancing we will be having a tented reception, just like we always wanted.

I am so excited for our summer-Maine-modern-elegant-garden wedding at the Asticou.

Is anyone else out there as excited about their wedding venue as I am? Are you also planning on taking advantage of multiple settings at your venue like we are (garden - deck - tent)?

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