Sunday, December 13, 2009

Look what came in the mail this week...

A pretty envelope:

From my best friends who love to lighten up my wallet:

And what's inside?


Clockwise from top: Champagne (silk taffeta), Barely Peach (silk taffeta), Champagne (silk tricotine), Light Caramel (cotton cady)

My thoughts after seeing the colors and fabrics in real life are: "Barely peach" is definitely too pink for our wedding, since pink is not at all a part of our color palate. Bummer. "Champagne" in the silk tricotine fabric is quite light and could be mistaken for white, so that one is out as well. That leaves "light caramel" in cotton cady and "champagne" in silk taffeta as the two bridesmaid dress colors and fabrics that we will be going with. I am really excited about dresses in these two neutral colors, which my girls will then fancy up with gold heels, gold- and jewel-toned jewelry, and brightly-colored bouquets (featuring lots of -- you guessed it -- orange lilies).

The winners! -- "Light Caramel" in cotton cady, and "Champagne" in silk taffeta

It feels so good to check this item off of my to-do list. Now it's just up to my girls to go out and buy their dresses.

Have you checked any important items off of your wedding planning to-do list lately? Which ones?

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