Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Would You Like a Website with your Wedding?

I have an announcement to make. We have just finished designing the awesomest wedding website ever.

...unfortunately it took at least 10 times longer to finish this project than we originally thought it would. But, we are finally. DONE. ...and now I can share it with all of you! I'm not going to give you the link -- call me paranoid, but our wedding website definitely has a lot of personal details that I'm not ready to put out there in this sort of format. (We made our site non-searchable on google for this reason.) I will however show you some of our beautiful site!

First some of the deets: The architect, being a designer by trade, of course wanted to design his own website. That meant that instead of going with one of the many services out there who can provide you with website templates and hosting (often for free), we designed ours from scratch using DreamWeaver, and we are hosting the site through the domain name that the Architect already had set up for his personal website. Don't ask me for tutorials. Unfortunately, DreamWeaver is a fairly complex program, and a lot of the formatting of the website was done by pure trial and error.

So, do I recommend designing your own wedding website from scratch using DreamWeaver? I'm not so sure that I do... that is, unless you are already a web design guru. The time commitment that it took to complete this site was no joke. Basically, the website has been the Architect's full-time job for the last two months. Really, I just woke up yesterday, and it was December... and I suddenly wondered where the last two months have gone and why the only wedding planning that has gotten done during that time has been to work on that "gosh darned" wedding website. Don't get me wrong, I am beyond thrilled with how it came out, but I'm just not sure that it was worth that much time and energy.

For your viewing pleasure, here she is... our baby. (I'm like a proud mama when it comes to this site):

Click on the image below to see a higher resolution version

That's our homepage. If you blow up the picture, you can even see my favorite lily on the left-hand side. We also provide links at the top of the page that lead our guests to the stories of how we met and the Architect's proposal, event information, local information about the Bar Harbor region, accommodation info, bios of the wedding party, links to photos, directions for how to get to Bar Harbor, and registry info. Like I said... A LOT of work went into this. Here is the "About Us" page, so you can see the layout:

Click on the images below to see a higher resolution version

While the Architect designed the entire website, I had the pleasure of writing most of the text. See? This is why we make such a wonderful couple -- we have complimentary skills, which make us into a great team.

So now that the website is done, I can finally get back to the rest of wedding planning...

Did you ever bite off more than you could chew with a wedding project? Was it worth it in the end? If you designed your website from scratch like we did, do you have any good tips?

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