Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Somebody Stop Me...

After building up my confidence with my first DIY project last week, I decided there was nothing better to do during my holiday visit back home to Boston than another project. Wheee!

I had some leftover green ribbon from our holiday gift wrapping, and I found a couple of old shoe boxes in my parents' basement. I made a quick little stop off at the Paper Source for some fancy (and kind of expensive at $5 a piece) sheets of pretty orange paper -- oh yeah, and I grabbed a whole ton of Scotch tape and packing tape -- and then I was ready to get started.

I started with the shoe boxes:

I had 2 that looked just like this.

Then I cut the bottom out of one of the boxes, and attached the two together to make a one larger box:

One big box.

Next I cut a hole in the top of the box:

Still looking kinda ugly, but can you tell what it's going to be yet?

Then I wrapped the box in the nice orange and white paper from Paper Source:

Yes. Some really flattering pictures of me.

And finally, I wrapped the box in some nice green ribbon: viola! A card box! This little guy will be staying at my parents' house in Boston until we head up to Maine for the wedding. I hope it holds up during the 6+ intervening months.

Now with 2 DIY projects under my sleeve, who knows what I will decide to tackle next... Muah haha. Did you learn that you were better at DIY projects than you thought? Did this cause you to become more ambitious?

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