Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Gift for our Guests

I absolutely love receiving as well as giving gifts, so of course I want to be able to repay our guests for their kindness for attending our wedding, with a party favor. However... I really really don't want to end up giving out one of those favors that will just end up in the trash. (Hello, beer cozy with the wedding couple's names printed on it!?)

I feel like every wedding I've been to lately has gone the "edible favor" route. Those always seem to go over well, but we were hoping to choose something a little different (and longer-lasting than an edible favor!) as a favor for our wedding. Sticking with our "garden wedding" theme I immediately thought of a plant-related gift. I love those little grow-it-yourself kits that I see in stores and in catalogs all the time, and everyone could use another plant in their house or their office, right?

Enter some of the cutest little plantable wedding favors. Just add water and sunlight, and a beautiful flower will be yours after a few short weeks:

The Bloem Box


These cute little tins come filled with seeds that will grow up into the flower that appears on the top of the tin. The paper band that is wrapped around the tin reads, "Happiness held is a seed. Happiness shared is the flower." Also, as an added feature you can create a custom tag with a nice message to your guests, as part of your order. Too cute, right? ...and at $6.50 a pop before shipping these are also just too expensive.

The Microgiardini

This one comes in a little soup can. You pop the top off of the can, place the can on your windowsill, add water, and your seeds will sprout right out of the can. Easy peasy. ...but at $9.95 per can, alas this favor is not so easy on the wallet. Strike two.

Ok, so sadly both of these options are totally out of our budget. $6 - $10 per guest times 100 guests equals WAY TOO MUCH. ...and this now brings us to the point where a light bulb lit up in my head, and a little voice said "I can totally make these myself for way less money."

I am currently playing around with some ideas that involve a little bit of Etsy, a little bit of Michael's, some ribbon, our home printer, and a whole lot of DIY-ing. You'll have to stay tuned to see the finished products.

Are you planning on DIY-ing your favors? What kind of favors did you decide on?

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  1. These are such a great idea!! I think they would be absolutely perfect for a spring wedding