Friday, November 6, 2009

...and What About the Wedding??

Yeah... what about the wedding? I've been busy telling you about how the Architect and I met, but I still haven't told you a thing about what kind of wedding we have planned. Well, once again, I'll start at the beginning. I mentioned before that I knew from very early in our relationship that the Architect was going to be the man that I would marry. While I had never been the type of girl growing up who imagined her future wedding incessantly... or at all for that matter... once I knew that my current relationship with the Architect was likely headed for the alter, I started to think about what our future wedding might entail. ...and I immediately knew where the wedding would have to take place.

Dun dun dun...

On Mount Dessert Island in Maine, of course -- home to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park, and to beautiful scenes like the ones depicted here:

Photo taken by the Architect

The Architect's good friend, groomsman C, has been living in Bar Harbor since before I met the Architect, and we have faithfully been making the drive up to visit groomsman C several times per year since we first started dating. We LOVE Bar Harbor, so of course it would be the perfect place to have our wedding. The 5-hour drive from Boston (where both the Architect's and my families live) puts this somewhere on the spectrum of "destination" weddings. I prefer to think of it as a pseudo-destination wedding, since travel to the wedding will not require a plane trip for many of our guests, but it will certainly require a multi-hour drive.

Luckily, once we actually got engaged, the Architect agreed with me wholeheartedly on getting married in Bar Harbor. We also thought we already knew the perfect location for our wedding ceremony. More on that is coming soon...

Did you decide to get married away from your hometown? Does the place that you decided on have a special meaning for you as a couple? What caused you to make the decision to have a destination wedding?

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