Friday, November 27, 2009

Getting Our Drink On

The Architect and I absolutely love spending a Saturday night heading out to a new bar, trying a couple of fancy cocktails, and splitting a couple of appetizers. Given our love for yummy cocktails, we of course wanted to feature some signature drinks at our wedding. We will be having an open bar at our wedding, since it (sort of) fits in our budget, and we would absolutely hate to make our friends pay at a cash bar -- but we still have the option to put together a short cocktail list with some of our recommendations. (And of course this also leads to the possibility of cute cocktail menus. More DIY projects, here I come!!) We immediately picked out 3 cocktails that we both enjoy drinking, which automatically made the list. We would still like to add one more signature drink -- something on the more girly / fruity side. Since I like to drink like an old man, I'm not much help in the girly drink department. Here is our current list:

"The Dirty" -- A dirty martini. We like ours with Grey Goose vodka (yes, we are vodka snobs like that), extra olive brine, and garnished with blue-cheese stuffed olives.

"The Stormy" -- A dark and stormy made from dark rum and ginger beer (no, not ginger ale, ginger beer). The more ginger flavor the better.

"The Cheeky" -- A Pimms cup (Pimms and ginger ale) garnished with a thin slice of cucumber and a strawberry.

We would like our last drink to be called "The Fruity". This drink should appeal to those who like a lighter sweeter fruity cocktail, since we feel that we're lacking that in the rest of our cocktail list. Any good ideas out there??

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