Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Not Orange

When it comes to my wedding -- and life in general -- I am having a total love affair with the color orange. (I hope that doesn't count as cheating on the Architect!) Orange is the main color for our wedding, my power point slides for work have a sleek modern look in orange and gray, and I even wear a fair amount of orange. Luckily it works with my complexion. However I've figured out over time that this isn't the case for everyone. I get a lot of comments like: "Wow, you look good in that orange sweater. That's a color that I just can't pull off."

Since I totally love wearing orange, when I picked it as one of our wedding colors I was so excited about having bridesmaids in brightly-colored orange dresses like these:

All of my bridesmaids are so nice of course that they said that they would be 100% on board to go along with any bridesmaid dresses that I decided on. However, I could sense that maybe they weren't exactly jumping with joy over the idea of wearing orange dresses... and in my sister's case she expressed these sentiments more vocally (isn't it great how sisters do that?). My sister may have equated an orange dress to being forced into wearing something like this:

I would be really really sad for my bridesmaids to hate their dresses, so I decided that it was worth it to go back and re-examine some other bridesmaid looks (and colors) that might have more of that rewearability factor. (Is that even a word?)

What do you think? Are you considering your bridesmaids' opinions in choosing their dresses? Would you be happy to wear orange as a bridesmaid, or would you take it as some sort of cruel punishment?

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