Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Getting Bedazzled

I know I told you that I didn't want a wedding dress that was beaded, jeweled, sequin-ed (totally not a word), or in any other way bedazzled. (BTW, sorry I haven't told you more about my dress yet... Those posts are coming soon, I promise. Well... just as soon as I can figure out how to keep the Architect's prying eyes away from this blog.) But anyways, I am trying to make a point here... Just because I didn't want a bedazzled dress, doesn't mean that I don't want me some bling on my wedding day.

I would really truly love to wear one piece of statement jewelry on my wedding day. (That is, aside from my beautiful ring!) In my case, I have decided to stay away from necklaces... but I would really love to wear a big pair of blingy earrings instead.

Here is the first pair that I saw, that I instantly fell in love with:

Unfortunately, I quickly found out that they cost a whopping $175, so I continued on with my search in the hopes of finding something just as beautiful, but not so expensive.

I knew that Etsy would be a good place to look:

Pair #1 from LuxeDeluxe -- Cost: $40

Pair #2 from Precious Meshes -- Cost: $58

And then of course, my friends at J.Crew also had a lovely pair of earrings that also wanted to play a round:

LinkThe Infinity Earrings-- Cost: $65.

So lovelies... any thoughts? Which ones would you choose? Have you had trouble deciding on your wedding day jewelry, or was the choice easy for you?

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