Saturday, December 5, 2009


Yes... I come from the state where this word -- wicked -- is generally used far too often as an adjective to describe an adjective.

Huh? Am I confusing you?

Let me explain...

You buy a brand new pair of gorgeous heels, and, while in Massachusetts, the correct reply from your best friend is, "Those shoes are wicked awesome!"

...and of course there's that well-known Boston area music store whose slogan is: "For a wicked good time".

But this posting actually doesn't have anything to do with New England slang. Instead, I want to talk about the musical called "Wicked". Remember when I told you about the time when the Architect surprised me with tickets to see "Wicked" on Broadway and then proposed to me later that night? Well... as a result, I am now totally head over heels in love with that musical. It also doesn't help that they covered my absolute favorite song from Wicked, "Defying Gravity", on Glee a few weeks ago. (Any other Gleeks in the house?! Holla!)

(I spontaneously burst into tears pretty much every time I hear this song.)

I totally love Wicked... and I would really love to feature some of the music from this (wicked) amazing show during our wedding as a tribute to our engagement story. Unfortunately, many of the most beautiful songs from Wicked are just so sad. Even the song "For Good", which is about lifelong friendship, is ultimately about letting go of the people we love most. This is definitely not exactly the right message for a wedding.

So my question to all of you is this: Can you think of any good ways for us to feature music from Wicked in our wedding? I would love to use the music for a first dance or maybe our processional or recessional... but I just can't justify using a heartbreakingly sad song for anything wedding-related, even if the song is also breathtakingly beautiful (and also meaningful to us as a couple).

Have you struggled to include music in your wedding that is also wedding appropriate? Do you have any good advice?

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