Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yay for STDs!!

We've had quite a frustrating week with the post office thanks to some really slow mail service during the holiday season... BUT it finally seems that a majority of our guests have received something special in the mail this week (and who am I kidding, most of the rest of our guests don't even know that this blog exists), so I finally get to blog about our STDs!

No... not that kind of STDs. Duh. I'm talking about (S)ave (T)he (D)ates of course. Now that our wedding website is up and running, we finally sent out our STDs... so that we can spread our infectious love to our guests. Ewwww. Yes, sorry, I totally went there.

Ok... so if you can stop giggling like a 13-year-old, I'll show you what we've got. First some inspirational sketches, courtesy of the Architect of course:

The Architect showed me these drawings way back during the summer, and at the time both of us really liked the idea of making a postcard STD that looked something like the sketch up top. Our hands would be shown (perhaps in black and white?) on the front of the card. On the back of the card we would remind our guests to save the date, and we would include a link to our wedding website telling our guests to please book their hotel rooms in a timely fashion if they were hoping to attend our wedding. (Summer is tourist season in Bar Harbor, duh. So... if you don't book a room early, you may find that there are no rooms left to book.)

We then filed our idea for our STD postcards under "Save for Later" as we spent August traveling across the country to our new home on the west coast, and the early part of the fall on getting settled in. We finally got back to work on the STDs in late October...

...and I will tell you all about that next time.

To be continued...

What inspired you in creating your save-the-dates?

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