Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Engagement Ring

Oh my gosh, I must be the WORST wedding blogger ever. I just realized that I have never given you an up-close-and-personal look at my ring. I know I have shown pictures of it from afar... but I've never shown it up close in all of its blingy glory.

But first, a bit about my ring. I'm going to be honest. Yes it's a Tiffany. Yes, it cost far more than I will ever be comfortable with. And yes, I love it to death. It's simple. It's elegant. It's the perfect size of stone for my hand IMHO. And even though it's a really simple solitaire (which is exactly what I wanted), it's also something just a little bit different, due to the cut of the diamond. I'm not going to defend our purchase of a Tiffany ring. I realize that we could have probably gotten twice the diamond at the same price (or the same diamond at half the price) somewhere else. But I fell in love with this ring when I first tried it on. I was very clear with the Architect that I didn't expect him to get me this ring. But he decided that he was going to do whatever it took to get me the ring of my dreams, and I thank him profusely for that. I do admit though, that I usually go to great lengths to avoid telling people where the ring came from. Mostly b/c you never know what kind of reaction you're going to get. I don't want people to think that we're filthy rich. (We're not. At all.) I don't want people to think that we went into debt to purchase this ring. (We didn't.) I also don't want people to think that we're elitist or extravagant. (We're not. We're usually pretty simple people, although we do both enjoy the nice things in life.) I never meant to fall in love with a Tiffany ring (and btw, the cut is freaking patented, so we couldn't just go out and get the same stone somewhere else). It just kind of happened that way.

Ok, so that's my ring spiel. Now it's time for the pretty pictures:

Where did you find your ring?

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  1. Beautiful ring and great pictures!

    We bought my ring off of eBay of all places!