Sunday, January 31, 2010

6 Months 'Til Go Time!


This is it! It's officially 6 months until the day when I will marry the Architect. An it is time to Stress. Out. Initially, after the Architect's proposal, when faced with 14 whole months until our wedding day I was the picture of calm. Sure planning a wedding is a huge undertaking. Sure it might be the biggest event that most people will EVER plan. But hey, I had 14 months. It was easy to keep my calm when, as of last July -- just over a year before our wedding -- I had already booked a venue, booked a florist, booked a band, asked my nearest and dearest to be my bridesmaids, found a dress, and was only several weeks away from booking our photographer. (Yes, I really did ALL of that more than a year out from our wedding. We knew we would soon be departing from the east coast, so we rushed to get all of the big details nailed down before we moved.)

But oh have the times a-changed. Since moving to California, let's just say that our wedding planning has slowed down a bit. Or a lot. Yes, we've made some progress. We designed a website and sent out save-the-dates. My bridesmaids have purchased their dresses, and we may have some leads on a rehearsal dinner location. But that's pretty much it for tangible progress. It doesn't help that we're getting married in a vacation town that pretty much shuts down over the winter. Most of my attempts to make phone inquiries about things like hotel rooms and restaurants have been met with answering machine messages implying that I shouldn't plan on having my call returned until the late spring. Grrr.

But seriously, this 6-month wakeup call signals that it's time for one astronomer to get back up on the wedding planning bandwagon. We don't have a rehearsal dinner location. We don't have a cake baker. We don't have a Sunday morning brunch location. And let's not talk about all of those DIY projects that I haven't even started, since it always just seemed like the wedding was so far away. Oh... and I haven't spoken to the wedding coordinator at our venue since October. Yep. It is time to start whittling away at this to-do list fo' realz.

Did the shadow of your impending wedding help to jump start your wedding planning? How far out from your wedding did the reality really set in? For me, the 6-month mark is scary. I can't even imagine how I'll feel at 3 months. ...or 1 month. Eek!

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