Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Meet the Groomzilla

Photo by Ashley O'Dell

Some men don't care too much about wedding planning. They let their fiancees make all of the decisions b/c honestly they just don't care about how to decorate the venue, what the cake should look like, and what kinds of flowers to incorporate into the bouquets. Some men think their job during wedding planning is to make sure that there is an open bar, an awesome band or DJ, and a fabulous honeymoon afterward (with lots of time to roll around in the sack). Some men are not designers. My fiance is. He cares about all of the wedding details. He wants everything to look just so. As do I. And I appreciate that fact. Usually.

But sometimes I get annoyed.

Because I spend hours researching floral arrangements, and I finally zero in on the perfect ones. But once I make my decision, the Architect checks out the pictures and tells me that I have it all wrong. "No, a single-color bouquet looks much better... and what's with all those accent colors anyways?"

Or because he won't hire a cake baker b/c she can't make The. Exact. Cake. That he saw online, and that's the ONLY design that will do.

Or because he is now just DYING for letterpress invitations, even though those were never in our budget (and there's no money left for them now).

Of course at the end of the day, I still love my fiance. He is wonderful, and I would never have him any other way. I love that he cares. ...even about the small things. And we will sort through these wedding planning issues, and be stronger for it. It's just one of those little bumps in the road that we are now walking down together.

Photo by Ashley O'Dell

What's your wedding planning dynamic? Does your fiance care about ALL of the details of wedding planning? ...or could he care less?

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  1. oh geesh! I wish my fiance would help out a bit!! He is in the mind set of "I thought my job was done at the ring and what was left was to show up to the wedding on time"

    He is supposed to call the caterer today, but we will see how that goes. I do feel you on the critique part too! He never offers insight until I think I make a final decision, then he decides he isn't sure he likes it.