Monday, January 25, 2010

To No A-veil

This is one bride who will not be wearing a veil at her wedding. And let me tell you, don't try telling that to any of the nice ladies who work at wedding dress shops, b/c they will look at you as if you have TWO HEADS. I was actually politely forced into trying on a veil on my first wedding dress shopping trip. But seeing as I found the dress of my dreams on that day, I guess the forced veil wearing can be overlooked.

While I do think veils can be quite beautiful, I'm not quite comfortable with some of the ideas that they represent. Keeping the bride all covered up and pure until her husband first lays eyes on her at the altar? Nope. I'm just not going for that. (As a side note, to all of you brides who are wearing veils, I am not attempting to place any sort of judgment on you. Like I said, veils are beautiful, and there are lots of other symbolism for the veil than what I just mentioned here.) In any case, I have made my decision that I will not be wearing one of these:

or these:

or these:

Despite the fact that they all are gorgeous.

But I still do think that my head is gonna need a little extra somethin' somethin' for my wedding day. Headbands and feather fascinators are gorgeous...

But I think that in my case, a hair flower might just do the trick. (Remember? Garden wedding? Flower? Yeah. It totally works.)

Perhaps a live flower:

...or in orange, to go with our wedding colors:

Orange mini calla lilies -- According to our florist, these flowers will stand up to the heat all day, and they won't wilt, so they make for some excellent hair flowers.

But recently I've started to lean towards a fabric flower, so that I don't have to worry at all about anything wilting throughout the day. Like maybe one of these:

...or these:

...or these:

So how about you? What will you be wearing on your head for your wedding day?


  1. I'm wearing a traditional veil because well I want to lol!! I don't think they are necessary. Check Claire's boutique. I went there Saturday and they had a fascinator for $2.75 (yes, that's two dollars and seventy-five cents!!)

  2. Wow! I should totally check that out. I'm also kinda thinking of going to DIY route on the hair flower... but $2.75 might actually be cheaper than DIY.