Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Of Cupcakes and Registries

This past weekend the Architect and I headed out to try to knock one of those nagging items off of our to-do list -- registering. I think that registering for gifts is supposed to be fun, but for some reason we had been putting it off for weeks. Well, a sunny day, and the promise of sweet snacks finally lured us out of the house and over to the mall.

First we powered up with some oh-so-yummy cupcakes from the famous Sprinkles.

The Architect contemplating his cupcake

Yum! Red velvet.


"Do I have any cupcake on my face?"

Alright... once we had consumed sufficiently large quantities of sugar, we headed across the mall to Macy's to look at dishes and flatware. The Architect and I had already looked at our dish options online. We had even managed to narrow those options down to only a couple of sets that we were really interested in. Yet somehow, it took us almost a solid hour to decide which set we ultimately wanted to go with. Here are the contenders:

Vera Wang's Wedgewood Dinnerware in 3 colors

We liked the "graphite" color the best. For some reason the "white" and "khaki" colors just weren't doing it for us.

Dansk "Classic Fjord" dishes. We liked that they're not quite round, but not quite square... but they're definitely cool.

We went back and forth about a million times. We really loved the Vera set in gray, but we ultimately decided that food just doesn't look as appetizing on gray plates as it does on white plates... so our decision was made, and we decided to go with the Dansk set instead.

At this point it was time to talk to one of the nice employees in the wedding registry section at Macy's to actually set up our registry. Luckily one of the women was free, and she got right to setting us up and telling us everything we ever wanted to know about registering at Macy's. Along the way I may have also been talked into signing up for a Macy's card. All I can say in my defense is that they give you 5% back on everything that your wedding guests end up buying off of your registry. Ummm, yeah I'll take a Macy's card. Sign me on up! They even gave me a free tote bag for signing up. (Oh Macy's you know me so well. Give me a canvas tote bag in a bright color, and I will do whatever you ask of me.) After the free gifts, we were given our scanner, and off we went!

All ready to go with my new tote bag and scanner.

We immediately scanned our dishes. Btw... as a side note, we made the decision to not register for any fine china -- only nice everyday dishes. We're just not the "fine china" types. Plus, we don't have tons of extra cabinet space for an extra set of dishes that only gets used once or twice per year.

After we scanned our dishes, it was on to silverware. The registry department at our Macy's (and perhaps at all Macy's?) had a nice little table set up, where we could lay out our place settings to see how everything would look together. We took full advantage of this option, and laid out sets of our dishes along with our top contenders for silverware. The whole thing felt kind of like playing house, and the Architect and I were pretty amused.

Our setup. First: Dansk dishes with Kate Spade "Malmo" silverware.

Next up: Dansk dishes with Nambé "Glacier" silverware

More of the Nambé "Glacier" silverware

...But laying out place settings actually helped us to visualize what our dishes and silverware would look like together, and it made our decision a whole lot easier. We decided on the Nambé "Glacier" flatware to go along with our Dansk dishes. The perfect funky modern place setting for the perfect funky modern couple. (That's us!!)

I have to say, that after the experience of choosing our dishes and silverware, we were entirely worn out! At this point, the store was about to close anyways. We took a quick peek at some pots and pans before returning our scanner and exiting the store. Luckily, it's really easy to add more items to our registry online. I don't think we had any more shopping in us... and we still had two more registries to set up aside from the Macy's one. More on that next time.

How was your experience registering? Stressful? Fun? Overwhelming? Exhausting? I think ours was a little bit of each...

*All photos are personal photos unless otherwise noted.

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