Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Final Installment of the Dress Saga

I told you last time about how I finally purchased the dress of my dreams. However, the dress story has one more twist that I have to share.

A happy bride-to-be walking out of Yolanda's (where I bought my dress!)

Just a few weeks after I purchased my dress I received a strange phone call from my mom. Actually, I was napping when she called (yes, I'm an adult who loves to nap!), so I didn't pick up the phone. But when I woke up from my nap I checked my messages, and heard my mom say something along these lines:

"You need to call me back immediately. Don't worry, nobody has died, but you absolutely need to call me back."

I'm glad she told me that nobody had died, b/c the tone in her voice was foreboding. I called my mom back immediately, and this was when she told me that she was watching the news, and the #1 news story was that Yolanda's (remember, the shop where I bought my dress?) was going out of business.

Closing? Seriously? But I had just put a 50% deposit down on my dress. I had heard all sorts of horror stories from other brides online, complaining that their wedding venues or caterers had gone out of business before their weddings, and they had lost their deposits. Plus they had needed to start their vendor searches again from scratch. But I had just found my dream dress. That was supposed to be my dress. How could the store be going out of business? Would I get my dress? Would I get my money back? I did what any normal(?) bride would do and started freaking. out.

My mom and I both tried to get in touch with the dress shop, but it didn't make matters any better that pretty much every single bride in the entire city of Boston was also trying to call Yolanda's at the same time -- trying to figure out what was going to happen to their beloved dresses. I wanted to know what was going to happen to my dress too, but I couldn't get through to the store. The phone lines were completely jammed. In the meantime, I was receiving emails from pretty much everyone who knew that I had bought my dress from Yolanda's saying "Did you hear that Yolanda's is going out of business??". Umm, yeah. Got the memo. Thanks.

My mom kept calling the dress shop, and after an hour or so she finally got through. And finally we got some good news. Yolanda would be sending a letter to everyone who had recently ordered a dress from her shop. The dresses would all be delivered as promised, but to another dress shop in downtown Boston. Also, while Yolanda's would be closing, Yolanda would still be reachable at her same phone number, for as long as we needed her.

Big. Sigh. Of. Relief. Crisis averted. ...and as you know, my dress came in over the holidays, as promised :-)

Did any of you have any similar drama associated with your wedding planning? Did any of your vendors (gasp!) go out of business in this dismal economy?

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